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Personalised children books based on the letters of a name

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Create your personalised book





  1. Write a correct name
  1. Name too short. Min 3 characters
  1. Name too long. Max 12 characters
  1. Write a correct name
  1. Choose gender for book
  1. Choose correct gender for book
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Each letter creates a story with the name of the protagonist.

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Personalise your gift with a free dedication.

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The story that has already made more than 150,000 children happy!

What makes our personalised books so special?

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Every book is different

Each letter of their name reveals a magical quality and creates a unique adventure. T for Tolerance, A for Adorable, O for Optimistic, S for Sincere...

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Add your personal dedication

Write your dedicated messaged for free, to create a 100% personalised gift.

Why do parents love this book?

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"The perfect gift: it is so easy to make an order, the book is fantastic and the result is amazing!"

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"It is such a great idea. Without a doubt it is the kids' favourite book!"

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"A story filled with values where the children turn into real heroes."

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