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I love the fact that the book is specifically tailored to the clients needs and I like how quickly it came in the post! Definitely would recommend to all!



My 5 year old absolutely loves this book. The pictures are so nice and colourful and after so many books I’ve tried to read to him, this is the one he actually likes!



Great children’s story. Good quality and attention to detail in spot on!



Good read and very child friendly.



Excellent quality book. Love the design and the personalised touch.



I have decided to give this book to my grandson in memory of my husband who also shares the same name – DANIEL. He loves the book so I had to share my positive thoughts!



Bought this for my daughter! Great way for the her to stop watching the telly and engage in Reading.



I love the book, I love the design, I love the story, I love EVERYTHING! I am so happy that I chose this personalised book instead of any random book. I like how we can customise it and really engage in story and my little one loves it.



This is the only time I have ordered something online and for once it came on time and the books quality is excellent. I would definitely recommend this book to all my Friends and family and have to say a big thank you to the story tailors for an excellent service!



You give your childs name and they tailor the whole book towards that name! Crazy! Me and my little one love it!



I have recommended this book to all my Friends and they have ordered it for their children. They give you the option of hardback cover too and the way they interlink the name into the book is fantastic.



The kids loves it so I love it! Easy to read, fun and well designed!



This book is a win for the kids. They read it every night before they go bed! 100% would recommend!



My little one hates reading book but this book is different. I think what he really likes is that his name is in the book and it almost is like he is the carácter! Really good book!



Really nice book. Since the moment it arrived Stacey has never let it go. She loves the fact that her name is in the book and loves that she can be part of the book!